Russia Shoots Down Trump And Says Baghdadi’s Death Changes Nothing

The Russians are shooting down Trump’s celebration of killing Baghdadi by saying that it changes nothing in Syria.

Trump profusely thanked Russia:

Ryan Browne of CNN tweeted the Russian response to Trump’s victory lap over Baghdadi’s death:

Trump also made the dangerous and stupid claim that ISIS has been eliminated when there are still 25,000 ISIS fighters in the Middle East. Trump is trying so hard to be Obama and distract the country from his impeachment, but the reality is that killing Baghdadi is not the same as the killing of the man who was responsible for the largest terrorist attack on domestic soil in US history.

Boss Russia is raining on Trump’s parade.

Most Americans would not have known Baghdadi if he was wearing a name tag that said, “ISIS Leader” while standing in front of them. Killing Baghdadi doesn’t erase Trump’s betrayal of America’s Kurdish allies and the ethnic cleansing that he approved.

Trump is still a disaster, and no one is going to give him a gold star for actually doing his job for once.

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