Another Republican Announces Retirement As More GOP Reps Admit It’s Hell To Serve Under Trump

Another Republican lawmaker announced he would be retiring when his term expires, citing the unlikelihood that the GOP will retake the House majority in 2020.

According to The Hill, “Veteran Rep. Greg Walden’s (R-Ore.) announcement Monday that he won’t seek reelection marked the latest sign of decreasing confidence among Republicans, even those with top committee posts, that the party can win back the House next year.”

Yes, Walden’s retirement shows that GOP hopes of winning back the House next year are slim, but also that it’s hell for Republican lawmakers to serve under Donald Trump.

“This is obviously a sign of our ability to take the majority,” one Republican House member said of Walden’s announcement, according to The Hill. “I think people are also starting to surmise it’s either a Trump or Elizabeth Warren administration we’ll be working under — neither of which is very appealing for good members.”

In other words, Republican lawmakers aren’t just concerned about serving under a Democratic president after the next election; they aren’t motivated to be in Congress if Trump is reelected either.

Trump has made life a living hell for Republicans

In the Trump era, most Republican members of Congress have taken two approaches: 1. Sell their souls and become a Trump lapdog; or 2. Step down.

As we’ve seen time and again, particularly as this impeachment effort ramps up, many Republicans in Congress have taken the first approach. But as that option becomes more difficult for them to swallow, a growing number of Republicans are moving on to the second option.

As The Hill noted, “Walden becomes the 21st Republican to forgo reelection, compared with just seven Democrats. He is also the fifth Republican in a senior committee role to announce retirement plans this cycle.”

Donald Trump may occupy the Oval Office, but he has sucked the life out of the Republican Party. They’d rather run for the hills than serve under his failed leadership.

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