Trump, Who Leaks Classified Intel To US Enemies, Says Schiff Can’t Be Trusted With Classified Info


Trump, who has leaked classified information all through his presidency, says Rep. Adam Schiff can’t be trusted with classified information.

Trump said during a gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One as provided to PoliticusUSA via the White House Pool Report:

Well, I guess because they were talking about why they didn’t give the information to Adam Schiff and his committee? And the answer is because I think Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington. You know that, I know that, we all know that.

I’ve watched Adam Schiff leak. He’s a corrupt politician, he’s a leaker like nobody’s ever seen before. We had a very good conversation with the Ukrainian President. The conversation was perfect. They don’t ever talk about the conversation. It started with the whistleblower, now they don’t want the whistleblower … I think it’s a disgrace. And frankly I told Republicans, who are really being taken advantage of, they’re really being maligned, and I think it’s a horrible thing, they’re really looking to hurt the Republican Party and it’s turning out to be just the opposite.


Trump most recently leaked a highly classified picture of an Iranian missile launchpad. Trump didn’t just leak the picture. He tweeted it for the entire world to see. The Pentagon said that Trump was never supposed to share the picture. Trump has allowed staff who don’t have appropriate security clearances to handle the President’s Daily Briefing, and he leaked code word classified intelligence to Russians inside the Oval Office.

The biggest leaker and security risk in Washington isn’t Adam Schiff. It’s Donald Trump. Trump didn’t brief Schiff and Democrats about the Baghdadi operation because he is mad about impeachment. Trump gave the Russians a head’s up, but not a co-equal branch of the United States government. Adam Schiff has never leaked classified information. Donald Trump may have leaked classified information on Sunday.

Adam Schiff isn’t a national security risk. The same can’t be said for Trump.

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