Trump’s Baghdadi Distraction Flops As America Focuses On Impeachment

Trump got no bump from the Baghdadi raid, and he failed to change the news coverage, which snapped back to impeachment.

The collection of headlines below sums it up nicely:

It was clear that Trump was trying to use the Baghdadi raid to distract from impeachment. The president began his stunt with his cryptic Saturday night tweet about something big happening. The suspense lasted less than an hour as reports came in quickly that it was a raid on the ISIS leader. Trump’s White House then announced that the president would be addressing the country at 9 AM on Sunday morning.

In typical Trump fashion, he turned a political slam dunk into defeat by using the moment for his usual blend of lies, exaggerations, and self-promotion. As soon as Trump gave the raid the Trump Treatment, any political bounce that he could have gotten evaporated.

Trump tried to claim that the killing of Baghdadi was bigger than Bin Laden. The majority of Americans saw right through this desperate need to be better than Obama, and immediately shifted gears back to impeachment.

The Baghdadi raid meant so little that Trump was booed on the same day at the World Series.

It increasingly looks like there is nothing that Trump can do to improve his approval ratings.

The cake has already been baked, and voters are looking forward to tossing it in the trash can on Election Day 2020.

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