Trump Leaks Classified Information To ISIS After Baghdadi Raid

Trump leaked information that was both classified and tactical that the military did not want to be released after the Baghdadi raid.

Courtney Kube of NBC News reported on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

So there’s the combination of some of the information that he gave that would have been classified. The one that seems to be getting the most traction is the information about the dog. Technically in these kinds of missions, in these very specialized missions, the dog and the breed and everything about that dog is classified. We saw that in the Bin Laden raid. Everyone got to know that Cairo was the dog that was involved in that. Technically that was a classified detail for the Bin Laden raid as well. The raid was actually launched out of here. President Trump didn’t say that, but it was pretty easy given the way that he describes the raid at the press conference on Sunday to figure out where it was launched out of. There were a lot of other details that he gave that the military would call their tactical information.

It’s the kind of stuff they just don’t like out there. One is the way that they breach a compound. So he talked about how they blew up a wall because they figured that the front door might have been booby-trapped. That’s a tactical detail they don’t want out there. He talked about how the helicopters fly very, very fast and very, very low. Again, something they don’t want out there. As you know, Andrea, you spent a lot of time with the U.S. Military as well. We know when they’re moving through a combat zone, that might be the way they fly, but it’s not really the kind of detail that the military would want out there.


On Monday, Trump claimed that he didn’t brief congressional Democrats about the Baghdadi raid because Adam Schiff couldn’t be trusted with classified information. It turns out that Trump can’t be trusted to even watch a video of a raid without leaking classified and tactical information that the military does not want their potential terrorist targets to know about.

Trump’s behavior is why the biggest threat to US national security is occupying the Oval Office.

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