Vindman’s Testimony Opens The Floodgates On Trump Impeachment

Former Amb. Nicholas Burns said that Alexander Vindman’s testimony shows that the floodgates have opened on Trump impeachment.

Burns said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

This was a powerful moment, and I think you have to think that the floodgates have opened here. It began with Ambassador Masha Yovanovitch and her incredible courage, Mike Mckinley, George Taylor, the diplomats who answered the call to protect the constitution and not to protect the president. Now you have an officer who obeyed a subpoena by the House committee. His testimony today is completely damning of the president’s position.

This is a person with unimpeachable character and integrity. He served our country in uniform. He told the truth today. The fact that he went to white house lawyers and thought that what he heard on that phone call, and he was on the line from the White House situation room, where President Trump tried to convince the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden, he was so concerned, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, that to go to the White House lawyers and say what he said today, this is the most powerful moment of any of the House hearings, to have someone like him, and frankly, shameful of some of the president’s supporters to be alleging that how Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has dual loyalties to Ukraine, a country he fled with his parents and twin brother when he was 3 1/2 years old.

Video of Amb. Burns:

Ambassador Burns was one hundred percent correct. Foreign service, career diplomats, and military servicemembers are coming forward and putting the country first. The White House tried to stop all of these witnesses from testifying. Vindman like the others before him is testifying under subpoena. The floodgates have opened. Witnesses aren’t being intimidated by Trump and his supporters.

It has taken years to find, but finally, a group of patriots who work within this administration is stepping up and speaking out.