Lindsey Graham’s Impeachment Resolution Backfires And Screws Mitch McConnell

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s anti-Trump impeachment resolution could end up costing Mitch McConnell weeks worth of conservative judicial nominees.

Politico reported:

McConnell has not promised to hold a vote of his own.

The Kentucky Republican notably referred the resolution to the Senate Rules Committee rather than bringing it directly to the floor.

While that follows the Senate’s regular order process, it also could be shelved there for weeks before it sees a committee vote. After that, the resolution could be tied up on the Senate floor if Democrats force procedural votes, which seems likely. Democrats could also filibuster the resolution — which would require 60 votes to overcome.

Lindsey Graham’s rushed effort to run to the defense of Trump after the president complained that congressional Republicans were not doing enough to defend him could cost McConnell the ability to stack the courts with more conservatives. Senate Republicans are down to less than 20 legislative days left in the year. It is a certainty that Democrats will force procedural votes because they want to get Senate Republicans on the record as often as possible defending Trump.

The resolution could eat up the rest of the legislative days of the year and spill into next year, which would also cost McConnell precious time in a tight election Senate calendar.

Lindsey Graham scrambled to defend Trump and in the process, may have screwed over Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party.

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