Impeachment Causes Trump’s Core Support To Drop To 26%

The latest USA Today/Suffolk University Poll found that only 26% of voters think that Trump doesn’t have an obligation to comply with subpoenas.

Via USA Today:
Trump’s strongest support comes from those who say Fox News is the TV network they trusted most; 78% of Fox viewers say they agree that Trump’s impeachment was like a “lynching.” In contrast, just 2% of those who trust MSNBC most and 10% of those who trust CNN most agree with the statement.

On one issue, the president’s support sinks to just one in four, a sign of a potential vulnerability. Asked if the White House had an obligation to comply with subpoenas from the House committees demanding testimony and documents, 66% of those surveyed say yes, 26% say no. Those who think the White House should comply with congressional subpoenas include 35% of Republicans.

The number of voters who think that Trump does not have to comply with subpoenas represents the hardcore Trump voter. The voter who would stick with Trump even if he shot someone. Trump’s most devoted base of support is shrinking. Even 35% of Republicans think that Trump should be complying with the investigation. Trump’s 26% is the Fox News crowd, but as experts have warned for years, there aren’t enough Fox News viewers to win a presidential election for a candidate.

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Trump’s strategy on impeachment is making his base of support smaller. The president is confirming his guilt by refusing to comply with the investigation. It doesn’t matter if the Senate does not vote to remove Trump from office the damage is being done, and whether Republicans like it or not, impeachment is sinking the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

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