Trump Posts Fake Picture Of Baghdadi Raid Dog Getting Medal

Trump tweeted a fake picture of the dog in the Baghdadi raid being awarded a medal. The White House confirmed that the pic is not real.

Trump tweeted:

The picture is an obvious photoshop. Look at how far away the medal that Trump is supposedly placing around the dog’s neck is from the dog.

CNN’s Jim Acosta got confirmation that the heroic dog was not at the White House:

The President Of The United States is spending his time tweeting fake pictures of himself giving awards to dogs. This is what he is spending his White House time doing. Trump is trying to distract from impeachment with the Baghdadi raid. However, his coverage of the raid lasted a day before the nation turned its attention back toward the thing that Trump is trying to distract the country away from. Impeachment.
Trump is running his own impeachment defense, but it turns out that authorizing a raid on the leader of ISIS hasn’t made the American people forget about his impeachable offenses.

Donald Trump did not award the dog a medal. The picture is a fake, and a bad one at that.

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