Retiring House Republicans May Dump Trump And Support Impeachment Resolution

House Democrats are watching a group of retiring House Republicans who may break with Trump and support the impeachment resolution.

Heidi Przybyla of NBC News reported, “The real question in their minds at this moment is whether they will get any Republican support for this. I can tell you from my sources that the members that they are watching who may be most likely to break, although they have no idea at this moment if it will actually happen, are those retiring Republicans, Republicans like Justin Amash of Michigan, like Will Hurd of Texas, those are the guys, Francis Rooney, for example, of Florida, those are the guys they are watching and they do not expect any Republicans who expect to come back and set foot on that floor in the new congress to vote for this. That’s for a number of reasons, Ari. They may actually get more support, they think, for an actual impeachment vote than this for a number of reasons.”


Any Republican who crosses over and votes for the impeachment resolution will be destroying the Trump argument that impeachment is a “Democrat hoax.” If Republicans cross over, the vote becomes bipartisan and that takes away one of the few Trump talking points that he has left to use to discredit the impeachment process. It doesn’t matter how many Republicans cross over.

It only takes one, and the fact that Democrats don’t know if any Republicans are going to join them is a good sign.

While the media is looking at how many Democrats will support this resolution, don’t be surprised if it is nearly all of them, the real test is if Republicans, even those who are retiring will support Trump.

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