Trump One Step Closer To Impeachment As House Passes Resolution

The House passed a resolution formalizing the rules and policies for impeachment with just two Democrats voting no.

The resolution passed 232-196. With only Independent Justin Amash voting yes, and two House Democrats from Trump districts voting no.

Before the vote, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler said on the House floor:

I support this resolution because it is indefensible for any official to demand that an ally—one depending on our support in an existential struggle with Russia—investigate his or her political adversaries.

I support this resolution because no person, Republican or Democrat, should be permitted to jeopardize America’s security and reputation for self-serving political purposes I support this resolution because if, after a fair and thorough inquiry, the allegations against President Trump are found to be true, they would represent a profound offense against the Constitution and the people of this country. I support this resolution because I believe it is the duty of this House to vindicate the Constitution and to make it crystal clear to future Presidents that such conduct, if proven, is an affront to the great public trust placed in him or her.

I support this resolution, not because I want the allegations to be true—they sadden me deeply—but because if they are true, the Constitution demands that we take action. I support this resolution because it lays the groundwork for open hearings. The House and the American public must see all of the evidence for themselves.

I support this resolution because I know we must overcome this difficult moment for the Nation. This resolution is necessary to ensure that our constitutional order remains intact for future generations. I support this resolution because we simply have no choice. I urge my colleagues to do the right thing and support this resolution as well.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) will run the public hearings. After the public hearings, the evidence will be turned over to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler, and after articles of impeachment are written, they will go to the House floor for a final vote.