Trump Looks Doomed In Pennsylvania As Nearly 60% of Voters Support Impeaching Or Voting Him Out

The new Franklin & Marshall Poll finds that 57% of Pennsylvania voters support impeachment, and 59% of voters say it is time to vote Trump out.

Via The Franklin & Marshall Poll:
Two in five (37%) registered voters believe President Trump has done a good enough job to deserve re-election, while three in five (59%) voters say it is time for a change.

More than half (57%) of registered voters in the state support an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, although this support differs along party and ideological lines. Nearly half (47%) express “strong support” for the inquiry while nearly two in five (37%) registered voters “strongly opposes” it. Only one in five (21%) registered voters believes it is acceptable for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent, regardless of how they feel about the impeachment inquiry itself.

As is the case in Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump’s numbers are terrible in Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign is so desperate to win the state that they have taken over the state Republican Party, but Trump’s numbers have continued to slide in the Keystone State.

If Trump can’t win Pennsylvania, he can’t win a second term.

Joe Biden leads Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders 30%-18%-14% in the state, as besides being from Scranton, former vice president Biden is the sort of moderate Democrat, like Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey, that the state loves to elect. Should Biden win the Democratic nomination, Pennsylvania is likely off the table as a possibility for Donald Trump.

Trump’s 2016 Pennsylvania win is looking like a fluke.

The Trump campaign has already given open on Michigan, and evidence is growing that the Pennsylvania door to a second term may also be closed.

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