GOP Congressman Headbutts Camera While Running Away From Trump Foreign Election Interference Question

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) never answered the question when he was asked about Trump asking for foreign election interference, but he did headbutt the camera.

Republicans are so afraid to honestly answer and say that it is not appropriate for Trump to beg for foreign governments to interfere in the presidential election for him that they go to crazy lengths to avoid the question.

Video of Rep. Young:

Here is a transcript to show that Rep Young never answered the question:

Everyone knows that Republicans in Congress will not stand up to Trump, but going as far as to headbutt a camera while walking away to avoid answering a question is a new low even for a House Republican.

It isn’t a complicated question. Members of Congress took an oath office to this country and the people in it. The answer from every single Republican should be that it is never appropriate for a president to ask a foreign government to interfere in an election.

The Republican Party has fallen so far that they would rather create distractions and run away instead of defending their country.

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