Kellyanne Conway Blows A Gasket And Falsely Deems Impeachment Unconstitutional

Kellyanne Conway spoke to reporters outside the White House, where she continued the Oval Office proxy tantrum by calling impeachment unconstitutional.

Here is the White House Press Pool report of Conway’s gaggle as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Conway declined to say who was the point person for the impeachment inquiry for the White House.

She said impeachment is “certainly possible.”

On the impeachment vote yesterday, Conway said, “The opposition was bipartisan,” referring to the 2 Democrats who voted against the resolution.

She said Pelosi was putting her swing-district members at risk by holding that vote. She accused Democrats of ignoring issues like healthcare, education and national security, while they try to impeach and investigate the President.

She refused to disparage Lt. Col. Vindman but said the White House disagrees with some of his testimony and lawyers will settle that.

Conway continued to call the impeachment inquiry “unconstitutional” and said the resolution vote did not change that because “Do you think you can actually apply due process retroactively?” She said leaks and lies by Democrats have already tarnished the inquiry process and now the genie cannot be put back into the bottle.

People do not have “due process” during investigations. The “due process” rights that Trump is demanding don’t exist in criminal proceedings. A person only gets due process after they are arrested. The Constitution does not give Trump these rights in the impeachment process.

A federal court has already deemed the House impeachment investigation legal and constitutional.

The White House has nothing, which is why they are making imaginary violations of the constitution in a bid to justify their plan to obstruct and delay impeachment.

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