Trump Makes Up Fake Jobs Number After Economy Only Adds 128K Jobs

Trump claimed that the economy created 330,000 jobs in October when, in reality, it created 128,000, and unemployment increased.

Trump tweeted:

Trump got this number by adding all of the jobs revisions for the previous months to October’s jobs number, but that is not how any of this works. Trump also failed to mention that unemployment increased to 3.6%.

The White House confirmed that they used some funny math to come up with an imaginary jobs number:

Beating Wall Street’s expectations is one thing, but it is not the sign of a thriving and growing economy.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “The October jobs report offers further evidence that the Republicans’ disastrous special interest agenda is hollowing out the middle class while enriching the wealthy and well-connected. Clearly, the GOP Tax Scam has left our country with nothing but broken promises and an underperforming economy.”

Obama averaged 168,000 jobs created per month. Trump’s October was 128,000. Trump is creating fewer jobs than Obama and steadily moving the country toward recession.

No amount of cooking the books can disguise the slowing Trump economy.

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