Trump Is Losing It And Unable To Function Over Impeachment

A recent strategy session with Congressional Republicans turned into Trump rambling about impeachment, The Apprentice, Joe Biden, and the 2016 election.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
President Trump’s vociferous rebuttal of the House impeachment inquiry, featured most prominently on his Twitter feed and at campaign rallies, is spilling into unrelated private meetings inside the White House, as his aides try to develop a more structured and consistent response to the probe.

In a meeting this week with House lawmakers, Mr. Trump turned the conversation away from legislative priorities and to a defense of his interactions with Ukraine involving Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the 2016 U.S. election, according to people familiar with the meeting. He vented about impeachment at a White House meeting on Tuesday with evangelical leaders, during phone calls with lawmakers and at a pair of recent close-door fundraisers, these people said.

Impeachment has completely derailed Trump. One look at his Twitter account reveals how obsessed he has become. Trump can’t function because he is being impeached. Bill Clinton this president is not. Trump has refused to hire people and set up an impeachment war room. The president also seems incapable of compartmentalizing and trying to do his job while being impeached.

Trump is attacking Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi on a daily basis. He has threatened to sue them. He has tried to claim that they are the real corrupt politicians, even though his administration has been on corruption overload from day one.

Donald Trump’s one-track mind has been overloaded by impeachment and has made his administration even more dysfunctional