Fox News Claims Boos For Trump At UFC Were Really Cheers

Fox News is claiming that Trump was cheered at UFC 244, where he was loudly booed by the New York crowd.

According to Fox News, “But the president got a big reception. The media can say what they want about it. This is not a PC crowd. This is a crowd that appreciates the brawler style of the president who was there in the belly of the beast to watch this fight…If you actually listen to the video and audio, there were a ton of cheers, and at the end of the day who cares? The president was trying to have a fun night.”


IF the video and audio showed Trump being cheered, why did Fox News not play any of it?

Fox didn’t play it, because Trump was loudly and lustily booed by the crowd.

Fox News is full-blown propaganda. Reality doesn’t apply. Down is up. Boos are cheers. The cable news network exists to serve and make happy one viewer in the Oval Office.

Fox has gone from being a conservative news network to a propaganda outlet. There is no difference in tone between what Fox News airs and how Russian or North Korean state TV talk about the authoritarians in those countries.

Fox News is committed to its Trump propaganda that they are telling their viewers not to believe their own ears.

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