Even Kellyanne Conway Can’t Defend Trump’s Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Kellyanne Conway couldn’t answer when flat out asked if Trump withheld aid to Ukraine and demanded an investigation into the Bidens.

Conway said on CNN’s State Of The Union when asked if there was a Ukraine quid pro quo, “I don’t know whether aid was a being held up or for how long. I know that there were two Senators, a Democrat and a Republican who called over from Ukraine who inquired about the aid, but we’re trying to impeach a president in this town, in this country. Why? Because nothing in this conversation so far resonates in the country, especially in those 17 swing states that would lead to a high crime or misdemeanor.”


The White House has dumped the no quid pro quo defense and moved on to admitting a quid pro quo, but claiming that it doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

Conway also made a generalization about swing state polls, when the latest polling in Pennsylvania showed that nearly 60% of the critical swing state supports impeachment.

Kellyanne Conway was asked a direct question about Trump trying to shakedown Ukraine, and he wouldn’t answer it. Even Kellyanne Conway can’t defend Trump on the Ukraine quid pro quo.

The woman who has been able to lie and spin everything Trump has said or done for three years came up empty on the quid pro quo.

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