Trump Blows Up And Says He’s Getting “F*cking Killed” On Impeachment

Trump is obsessively following the media coverage and telling people around him that he is getting “f*cking killed” on impeachment.

Politico had the insider account:
He’s ravenously consuming news about the subject — primarily through a friendly lens. From the Oval Office to the White House residence to Air Force One, he’s closely tracking how Republican members of Congress are digesting the latest revelations on his handling of Ukraine, and monitoring their statements for any sign of hesitation or perceived disloyalty.


“We’re getting fucking killed,” Trump often gripes — a complaint about media coverage that is escalating in volume and frequency amid the impeachment probe, according to a Republican close to the White House. “He does make that comment literally every day.”

Trump is getting his news and information from Fox News because it makes him feel better to watch shows like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity criticizing Democrats. Trump isn’t paying attention to what the coverage is saying or the direction that the country is moving. Trump is obsessing over the volume of media coverage that is being generated by impeachment, and instead of living in reality, he has retreated to Fox News.

Trump is acting as his own impeachment defense team. His impeachment obsession has so paralyzed him that he can’t function. All Trump does is tweet and consume media coverage about his impeachment. Unlike Bill Clinton, Trump isn’t trying to show the nation that he is an effective president who shouldn’t be removed from office. He has taken the opposite path, shut down, and shown exactly why he is not fit for the White House.

Donald Trump is getting killed on impeachment, and as long he continues to represent himself, the massacre will only get more gruesome.

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