Trump Just Threatened War Hero and Impeachment Witness Vindman

In an attempt to intimidate an impeachment witness, Trump threatened to release information on war hero Lt. Col. Vindman.

Trump said, “Because they didn’t – many people listen to calls, I know that. For instance, the Secretary of State Pompeo was on the call. With all of those people, very few people came forward, and they only came forward when you asked, and some of them are Never Trump. But why did all of those people listening to this absolutely, totally appropriate phone call, why didn’t they come forward? So, you know, it’s a whole scam. It’s an impeachment scam, and you know what it is, it’s between the Democrats and the fake news media.”

Trump was asked what evidence he has that Colonel Vindman is a Never Trumper?

He replied, “We’ll be showing that to you real soon, OK?”


Threatening and insulting war heroes is nothing new for Trump. He has done to the late Sen. John McCain, and Gold Star families. Trump has no respect for people who serve their country.

Trump is pulling out the same tricks that he used during the Russia scandal. He knows that public impeachment hearings are coming up, so he is attempting to intimidate witnesses into changing their stories. It worked during the Russia scandal because he and William Barr were able to control Mueller’s investigation, which was done within the DOJ.

Impeachment is a different animal, but that hasn’t stopped Trump from trying to smear and discredit heroes to save his own political skin.

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