Trump booed UFC 244

Trump Gets Booed Out Of Madison Square Garden At UFC 244

Trump went to UFC 244 in New York City and was promptly booed out of the building when he was introduced to the crowd.

On his way to MSG, Trump saw impeach and remove signs:

His reception was worse inside the building:

The New York booing comes less than a week after Trump was booed when he attended Game 5 of the World Series.

Trump is not a popular president. He is currently facing impeachment. His public appearances in front of non-supporter crowds are not helping his case. The booing reaffirms that a vast majority of the country wants to be rid of Donald Trump. The best thing that this president could do for himself would be to lay low, but one of the main reasons that so many people are ready to vote Trump out is that he has exhausted them with his endless need for attention while being a bottomless pit of corruption and scandal.

Trump was booed again, and if he keeps going out in public, it will continue to happen.

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