Rudy Giuliani’s Arrested Associate Turns On Trump And Talks To Impeachment Investigators

Lev Parnas has broken with Trump and Rudy Giuliani and is now talking to congressional investigators looking into impeachment.

According to The New York Times:

The associate, Lev Parnas, had previously resisted speaking with investigators for the Democrat-led impeachment proceedings, which are examining the president’s pressure attempts in Ukraine. A former lawyer for Mr. Trump was then representing Mr. Parnas.

But since then, Mr. Parnas has hired new lawyers who contacted the congressional investigators last week to notify them to “direct any future correspondence or communication to us,” according to a copy of the letter.

The lawyers also signaled on Monday that Mr. Parnas, who was arrested last month on campaign finance charges, is prepared to comply with a congressional subpoena for his documents and testimony.

Trump’s impeachment has turned into an every man for himself situation, and Parnas has abandoned ship in a bid to save himself. Parnas is valuable to the impeachment investigation because he can detail what Rudy Giuliani was up to in Ukraine at the direction of Trump. If Parnas is feeling very chatty, he can explain how illegal foreign donations are being laundered to Trump and the Republican Party.
Rudy Giuliani is already under criminal investigation. Any evidence of criminal activity by Giuliani that is uncovered by impeachment investigators could be turned over to law enforcement.

Parnas’s decision to talk is bad news for Giuliani, but it could up being even worse news for Donald Trump.

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