Sean Hannity Busted In Ukraine Scandal Impeachment Testimony


An exchange between Chairman Schiff and Marie Yovanovitch revealed that Sean Hannity was involved in Trump’s Ukraine shakedown.


THE CHAIRMAN: And did you ever find out when, you know, the allegations were being made or the attacks were being made by Donald Trump, )r., or Rudy Giuliani, did you ever find out what the Secretary of State’s position, whether the Secretary of State was going to defend you or not, apart from the refusal by the Secretary to issue a statement in your defense?


MS. YOVAN0VITCH: What I was told by Phil Reeker was that the Secretary or perhaps somebody around him was going to place a call to Mr. Hannity on FOX News to say, you know, what is going on? I mean, do you have proof of these kinds of allegations or not? And if you have proof, you know, tell me, and if not, stop. And I understand that that call was made. I don’t know whether it was the Secretary or somebody else in his inner circle. And for a time, you know, things kind of simmered down.

THE CHAIRMAN: I mean, does that seem extraordinary to you that the Secretary of State or some other high-ranking official would call a talk show host to figure out whether you should be retained as ambassador?

MS . YOVAN0VITCH: Well, I ‘m not sure that’ s exactly what was being asked.

THE CHAIRMAN: Well , they were asking if what basis they was Hannity one of the people criticizing you?


THE CHAIRMAN: 5o some top administration official was going to him to find out what the basis of this FOX host was attacking you tor?
. YOVAN0VITCH: Uh- huh .

THE CHAIRMAN: And did you ever get any readout on what the result of that conversation was?

MS. Y0VAN0VITCH: No, I didn’t, although I was told that it did take p1ace. But what we thought we saw was, you know, as a result of the media monitoring, which I’m sure everybody does, what we thought we saw was that there jt simmered down for a while.

It has already been publicly reported that Hannity and Trump share bedtime phone calls and that the Fox News host has been referred to as the shadow chief of staff, but Hannity was also using his Fox News show to carry out the agenda of forcing the ambassador to Ukraine out, because she would not go along with the plot to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden.

Sean Hannity is a Trump talk show host. He is in up to his eyeballs in Trump’s world of crime.