Trump To Go To LSU/Alabama Game In Desperate Bid Not To Be Booed

Trump is still trying to find a sporting event that won’t boo him, so he is going to the Alabama/LSU football game.

Alabama is getting ready for Trump to show up:

Trump was booed at Game 5 of the World Series. The RNC spent $60,000 to send Trump to UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden, where he was booed.

As Trump is being impeached, he has become a presidential nomad who is roaming the country looking for a high profile national sporting event where the crowd will not boo him.

Alabama is the top state in Trump approval. Even though his approval rating has fallen by 14 points in the state, he still has a net (+22) approval rating (59%-37%) in the state. If Trump gets booed at the Alabama/LSU game, it will truly be the end of the line for his presidency.

This appears to be part of Trump’s impeachment PR effort. Since impeachment began, Trump has made more public appearances not in front of handpicked crowds than at any other point in his presidency. So far, the effort to show that America really loves him has been a disaster, but Trump should have no problem getting cheered in Alabama.

Trump is desperate for love, so he is going to the state that won’t boo him. Probably. Maybe.

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