The RNC Paid $60,000 For Trump To Get Booed At UFC 244


Instead of giving money to Republican candidates, the RNC spent $60,000 for Trump and his crew to go to UFC 244, where they were booed.

According to The Washington Post:

President Trump’s cage-side seats to a fighting match in New York City cost the Republican National Committee about $60,000, according to officials familiar with the cost.


The price included the ringside seats for Trump and his guests, catering, and security, one of the officials said. The president’s guests included House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Reps. Mark Meadows (N.C.) and Pete King (N.Y.), all Republican allies, along with his two adult sons.

It was unclear what each ticket cost, as one official said the $60,000 total tab included catering and security. Public ticket prices prior to the event ranged from about $100 to nearly $700.

For their $60,000, the RNC got viral video and audio of Trump being booed in Madison Square Garden.

If the RNC is trying to show the country that Trump is popular, it isn’t working.

In fact, with each stunt that they are paying for, they’re losing money. The RNC would be better off giving that money to one of their many doomed House challengers in 2020.

The RNC sent Trump to MSG and got him booed, which seems like a pretty big waste of $60,000.

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