Trump Tells Kentucky Rally Crowd That He’ll Be President For 21 More Years


At a rally in the deep red state of Kentucky, Donald Trump told the crowd that he’d like to be president for 21 more years if he still has the strength.

The moment came when Trump was attacking the “fake news media” and stumbled into a ramble about how long he hopes to remain in office.

Trump said, “What [the media] don’t know is that when we hang it up in 5 years or 9 years or 13 years, or maybe 17 years, or maybe, if I still have the strength, 21 years …”


Trump’s dictatorial desires keep getting stronger

Trump played off his “21 years” comment as another attempt to troll the media, saying, “See, now they’re going crazy. Now they’re saying, see I told you he was a dictator.”

But his remarks in Kentucky on Monday aren’t an isolated incident. Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to serve in the Oval Office for longer than the two-term maximum expressed in the Constitution.

During a recent rally in Pittsburgh, Trump demanded 16 more years in the Oval Office. In a video shared to the president’s Twitter account over the summer, he suggested he’ll remain in the White House forever.

Combine Trump’s bizarre obsession with staying in office forever with his repeated suggestions that he’ll only lose in 2020 if the election is rigged, and the president is laying the groundwork for a dangerous political moment if he does actually lose to a Democrat next year.

What’s scarier than Donald Trump’s poor grasp of the Consitution is the fact that the crowd of Kentucky rallygoers appears to have no problem with this president naming himself president for life.

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