Phone Records Corroborate Sexual Assault Allegation Against Trump

Trump claims that he never met Summer Zervos at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but his phone records corroborate her sexual assault allegation against the president.

The Washington Post reported:
The excerpts from Trump’s Verizon cellphone bills over a three-month period in 2007 and 2008 show that Trump exchanged calls with Summer Zervos on at least six occasions, including on a day that Trump’s private calendar has shown that he was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


The phone records “corroborate [Zervos’s] account of the sexual assaults with even more granularity and with a degree of precision that [Zervos] could not have known were she not telling the truth about those interactions when she spoke publicly about them before this case was filed,” her lawyer, Mariann Wang, said in a court filing. Zervos’s legal team released the records Tuesday.


The most important is probably a three-minute call from Trump to Zervos on Dec. 21, 2007. Portions of Trump’s private calendar released as part of the case show he had arrived in Los Angeles from Las Vegas that day and checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel, along with his bodyguard, Keith Schiller Trump’s calendar showed he was scheduled to arrive Los Angeles at 3 p.m. and the call was made at 3:02 p.m.

Zervos is suing Trump for defamation after he publicly smeared her when she came forward with the allegation.

The great underreported story of the Trump presidency is the dozens of claims of sexual assault and even rape that have been made against Donald Trump. The male-dominated mainstream press is not comfortable talking about the allegations, while at the same time, they are afraid of retribution from Trump and his White House. It is a travesty that Trump was “elected” president after dozens of women have come forward with allegations that are sex crimes committed by the now president.

In 2020 voters can’t make the same mistake of getting caught up in the distraction hurricane and letting the evidence of some of the most heinous crimes that a man can commit get lost in the chaos and confusion.

There is growing evidence of what most women in the United States already know. Donald Trump is a sexual predator.