White House Issues Delusional Statement After New Transcripts Sink Trump


After the transcripts of two pivotal Ukraine witnesses blew apart Trump’s impeachment defense, the White House responded with pure delusion.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Both transcripts released today show there is even less evidence for this illegitimate impeachment sham than previously thought. Ambassador Sondland squarely states that he “did not know, (and still does not know) when, why or by whom the aid was suspended.” He also said he “presumed” there was a link to the aid—but cannot identify any solid source for that assumption. By contrast, Volker’s testimony confirms there could not have been a quid pro quo because the Ukrainians did not know about the military aid hold at the time. No amount of salacious media-biased headlines, which are clearly designed to influence the narrative, change the fact that the President has done nothing wrong.”

The transcripts reveal the opposite of what the White House is claiming. The transcripts reveal that there was a quid pro quo. The Ukrainians knew about it, and Trump was in the middle directing the whole impeachable scheme.


The idea that Trump did nothing wrong is directly contradicted by the transcripts. Trump seems to think that directing members of his administration to talk to Rudy Giuliani was a way to keep his hands clean, and if things went south, have Giuliani take the fall.

The White House is responded to Trump getting caught red-handed with delusion.

The administration can’t argue the facts, so they are blaming the media, and trying to make their mantra that Trump did nothing wrong come true through repetition.

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