Rep. Jim Jordan Can’t Keep A Straight Face While Trying To Claim There’s No Quid Pro Quo

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) couldn’t keep a straight face while lying about impeachment transcripts and saying there was no quid pro quo.

Rep. Jordan said, “Wednesday and then ambassador Yovanovitch, on Friday. It was no announcement about any investigations ever took place. The Ukrainians didn’t even know aid had been held up at the time of the phone call, so the facts are the facts. I keep telling you all that those facts will not change, have not changed despite what some people may say.”


Jordan went on to claim that the transcripts say that there was no quid pro quo, which is a lie:


Everything that Jordan claimed is not what the transcripts say. The transcripts reveal that witnesses stated that there was a quid pro quo and Trump was at the center directing the Ukraine operation from within the White House.

Republicans can’t argue the evidence, so they are trying to lie about the transcripts, but Jim Jordan can’t keep a straight face while repeating the president’s lies.

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