Source Close To Trump Says Kentucky and Virginia Are Bad Omen for Impeachment


Wednesday morning, after the Republicans received an electoral beatdown on their own turf, CNN’s Jim Acosta shared the thoughts of a source who “regularly talks to Trump”, “On last night’s results, source who regularly talks to Trump: ‘Totally bad. Kentucky and Virginia signal to GOP they are underestimating voter intensity against Trump, and it could be terrible for them next year,’ the source said. ‘Bad omen for impeachment,’ the source added.”

The Republican electoral slaughter of Tuesday night reiterated what the booing crowds at two sporting events were trying to tell Republicans: Donald Trump is not popular.


As Sean Colarossi wrote in these pages this morning, “Trump and his blindfolded loyalists are playing damage control on Wednesday by pinning the loss on Bevin, saying it had nothing to do with the president. But the night before the election, Trump made it clear the race was about him, saying, ‘If you lose, they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest. You can’t let that happen to me.'”

It did happen to Trump. They let it happen. And in fact, in the very district where Trump held his rally the night before the election, which suggests as Jason Easley wrote last night, “impeachment isn’t going to be the great motivator of Republican voters that Trump hoped it would be.” So much for the “impeachment is going to help Trump” argument – one that frankly seemed likely until he got caught red handed trying to bribe another foreign country into helping him cheat in yet another “free” election.

All of the Republicans who have been clinging to Donald Trump as if he alone could save their political careers, including Senator Mitch McConnell who is as unpopular in the state of Kentucky as last night’s big loser Matt Bevin, have been given a small taste of reality. Indeed as Acosta’s source told him, “Kentucky and Virginia signal to GOP they are underestimating voter intensity against Trump, and it could be terrible for them next year.”

People don’t like traitors and cheaters. Donald Trump, and many elected Congressional Republicans, appear to be both or even worse, enabling both out of cowardice and self-interest. The elected Republicans defending their country from the enemy within are few and far between.

Trump has been credibly accused of bribing a foreign official, which is a form of a high crime and misdemeanor. There is evidence and there are multiple sources who have confirmed the evidence and allegations.

Donald Trump is not a popular president, and contrary to what Republicans claim, this is not a made up media myth. It is a fact that they would all be more aware of if they hadn’t isolated themselves in the epistemic closure of gerrymandered districts and conservative media bubbles.