Rudy Giuliani Buries Trump With New Ukraine Tweets


In his latest tweet, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he was extorting Ukraine to personally help his client, Donald Trump.

Giuliani tweeted:


Giuliani then thought that he could take back everything that he just tweeted by claiming that Trump is innocent:

Then Rudy tweets two empty emails, and claims that they are Biden/Ukraine “smoking gun” evidence:

Rudy Giuliani’s tweets match up with reporting that he is obsessed with Ukraine/Biden conspiracy theories, and has gotten into Trump’s ear about them.

The problem is that Giuliani admitted that he and Trump were conducting a shadow foreign policy to shakedown Ukraine for a Biden investigation to benefit Trump’s reelection campaign.

With each new tweet, Guiliani buries Trump a little deeper.

Just like his client, Rudy Giuliani can’t stop admitting his guilt on Twitter.

Trump is already looking at impeachment, but if Rudy keeps talking, he’ll be lucky to avoid a criminal conviction.

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