Trump Tried To Get Barr To Hold A News Conference To Clear Him Of Ukraine Crimes

Trump tried to get his attorney general, William Barr, to cover for him on Ukraine by holding a press conference to clear him of any Ukraine wrongdoing.

The Washington Post reported, “President Trump wanted Attorney General William P. Barr to hold a news conference declaring that the commander in chief had broken no laws during a phone call in which he pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate a political rival, though Barr ultimately declined to do so, people familiar with the matter said. The request from Trump traveled from the president to other White House officials and eventually to the Justice Department. The president has mentioned Barr’s demurral to associates in recent weeks, saying he wished Barr would have held the news conference, Trump advisers say.”

Meanwhile, the DOJ has been trying to distance itself from Trump on Ukraine. The DOJ has been running away from Rudy Giuliani faster than Donald Trump flees the healthy options section of a restaurant menu.

The report that Trump wanted Barr to hold a press conference right after he released his edited Ukraine call summary shows that Trump is trying to use the same playbook with impeachment that got him through the Mueller investigation. Trump wants Barr to provide him with legal cover. It is unknown why Barr wouldn’t take a metaphorical bullet for Trump by lying again in front of the television cameras, but this time, he said no.

The fact that Trump would even make such a request of his attorney general is evidence of a cover-up. Trump broke the law, and then tried to use the power of the presidency, and the Executive Branch of the United States government to cover up for him.

Barr wouldn’t play ball this time, which is why Trump is all alone and losing it on impeachment island.

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