‘He’s Going To Sing’: Rudy Giuliani Will Throw Trump Under The Bus To Save Himself

Rudy Giuliani has been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest defenders over the past few years, but that could soon change as he finds himself in deepening legal trouble.

According to former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, it’s possible that Giuliani will face criminal charges, and if he does, he could bring down the president with him.

“If Rudy Giuliani is charged, there’s nowhere to go but up,” Kirschner said during a discussion with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Thursday.

Kirschner said that the former NYC mayor doesn’t want to end up in the same Federal Bureau of Prisons where he spent a career sending criminals.


Kirschner said:

If Rudy Giuliani is charged, there’s nowhere to go but up, and I have to believe, rather than running the risk of ending up in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where he put so many people when he was a U.S. Attorney, he’s going to sing.

Trump’s personal lawyer has lawyered up

Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with his bumbling associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, has been under investigation since the two men were arrested last month.

As The Washington Post reported, “Parnas and Fruman connected Giuliani to current and former Ukrainian officials as Giuliani sought damaging information about Democrats in Ukraine.”

That scheme, of course, is at the center of the ongoing House impeachment inquiry because Donald Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to coordinate with Giuliani and investigate Joe Biden.

As The Post also noted, Giuliani had previously claimed he didn’t need a defense lawyer. The growing likelihood that one or both of his associates will cooperate with the impeachment inquiry – and the fact that his name has been mentioned hundreds of times in impeachment depositions – seems to have given him a sudden change of heart.

As Rudy Giuliani’s legal woes grow, so too does the possibility that he will sing. That prospect should terrify the man in the Oval Office.

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