Trump Demands A Lawyer Because He Thinks The House Is Holding An Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump inaccurately claimed that the House is holding an impeachment trial, and demanded that he be given a lawyer.

Trump tweeted:

Rep. Ted Lieu:

Rep. Lieu was right. The House isn’t holding a trial of Trump but in his crazed need for victimization, the president has decided that impeachment hearings are the same as a trial. Rep. Lieu nailed it. Trump will have due process when the Senate holds his impeachment trial. Trump keeps trying to pull from his Mueller investigation playbook but he isn’t getting the difference between impeachment and a DOJ overseen investigation.

Trump is getting destroyed on impeachment because he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Donald Trump isn’t being denied anything, and he’ll have plenty of time to defend himself when his Senate trial begins.

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