Nikki Haley Goes Full Drama Queen And Claims Democrats Are Giving Trump The Death Penalty

Nikki Haley claimed that impeachment is the death penalty for public officials, so Democrats are giving Trump the death penalty with impeachment.

This is what Haley told CBS News:

Haley’s comments are ridiculous and silly. She knows that impeachment is nothing like the death penalty. No one would die if Trump was impeached and convicted.

The worst thing that would happen to Trump is that he would be removed from office and forced to go back to Trump Tower and do more episodes of The Apprentice while he waited for criminal charges to be filed against him by the state of New York.

Nikki Haley tween drama and exaggeration illustrates how far Republicans are willing to go to milk impeachment for political gain. Republicans tried to run on saving Trump from impeachment during the 2019 election and they got stomped by the voters.

Republicans are full of angst and woe while comparing Trump’s impeachment to the death penalty.

It is absurd, and one has to wonder if Haley is trying to position herself to take Mike Pence’s spot on the ticket if Trump is in trouble next fall.

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