Devin Nunes Wants Hunter Biden And The Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has released his requested witness list for the impeachment hearings and includes Hunter Biden.

The Nunes wish list goes all-in on the Ukraine conspiracy. There are DNC staffers from 2016, Hunter Biden, Fusion GPS people. It is more a laundry list of conspiracies than a witness list.

Read Rep. Nunes’s letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) below:


There are no new witnesses on the list that could clear Trump’s name or defend the president. The Nunes list looks like it was written by Fox News.

House Democrats control the witness process, so they are not going to have Hunter Biden, the whistleblower, or any other Fox News conspiracy theory witness testify.

The House passed impeachment resolution specifies that witnesses can only be requested that are related to the Ukraine call or Trump’s efforts to shakedown Ukraine. If the witness isn’t related to Trump and Ukraine, they aren’t going to be called to testify.

Republicans, the White House, and Fox News will claim that Democrats not allowing their conspiracy witnesses means that the process is unfair when what it really means is that Adam Schiff is not going to allow Nunes and the Republicans to turn impeachment into conspiracy theory theater.

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