Trump Melts Down And Claims Impeachment Has United America Against Democrats

Donald Trump has constructed a fantasy that he has united America and that impeachment has turned the country against Democrats.

Trump said to reporters on Saturday, “So, the stock market hit an all-time high yesterday. The country is doing really well. The witch hunt continues. A lot of witch hunt continues. The Republicans have never been so united. And I think the people of our country have never been so united. We’re going to Alabama. We’re going to watch the Alabama game versus LSU, two great teams. I think it’s going to be very interesting. And on Monday, we have a very big parade in New York, so that will be good. Have a good time. Strongest economy we’ve ever had, number one.”


Wading through the meandering gibberish and false talking points, Trump is trying to sell that Republicans are united, they aren’t, and that the country is also united and with him. It isn’t.

Trump has been convincing himself both publicly and privately that impeachment is going to backfire on Democrats. Trump is trying to sell the fantasy that the country is behind him and against the Democrats who are impeaching him. Polling reveals that the opposite is true. Fifty to sixty percent of the country in any given poll supports the impeachment investigation.

Trump is losing impeachment, and he is getting more delusional by the day.

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