Trump Humiliated As Impeachment Witness Says Every World Leader Disparages Him

Dr. Fiona Hill testified to the impeachment investigation that every world leader has made disparaging remarks about Donald Trump.

Transcript from Dr. Hill’s testimony:
Q: 0n page 14, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Avakov….

A Mr. Avakov, yeah. Yeah.

Q: He had some disparaging remarks about the President on Twitter and Facebook. Do you have any firsthand information about that, or can relate any additional information?

A: I can’t. As I said, we found disparaging remarks made by pretty much every world leader and official at different points about the President. So, you know, this is not surprising but, again you know, and the fact of this was in the course presumably of the campaign. Again, this is a January of 2017 article.

Trump hasn’t made America respected around the world. He has weakened the United States and turned the presidency into a joked. Trump has diminished the United States so much that the country is now getting rolled by the president of Turkey and every other dime-store dictator around the world.

Fiona Hill was an official on Trump’s National Security Council. She has first-hand knowledge of how other world leaders feel about Trump. Dr. Hill’s testimony is more proof that Trump is a humiliating disgrace who has only weakened the United States.

If America wants to be great again, it must rid itself of Donald Trump.

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