Democrats To Focus Impeachment Hearings On Trump Extortion


House Democrats are going to focus the impeachment hearings on a simple story of Trump committing extortion and bribery against Ukraine.

Garrett Haake of NBC News reported, “The Democrats are trying to create a narrative, tell a story. These hearings will not be like other congressional hearings that you have seen that members of both parties have interviewed all these witnesses. They know the answers to the questions. All of the stagecraft matters to a certain extent. Democrats have picked witnesses who they believe are their strongest witnesses who can tell a story as you pointed out in the intro that isn’t about quid pro quo or some nebulous concept. They want to tell a story about extortion and bribery, a very simple story about a president and his allies meddling in another country and leave it all on television, not in the thousands of pages of depositions. So, what you see on TV will be able to tell the story that starts with Bill Taylor, that current acting ambassador to Ukraine who Democrats believe is their single, strongest witness thus far who can tell the story of how this whole Ukraine saga got started.”



Public impeachment hearings are about telling the story in a way that the American people can understand. Democrats already know the answers to the questions that they will ask. They are able to use the witnesses to paint a picture of Trump’s impeachable conduct.

Democrats aren’t going to let ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) turn these hearings into a conspiracy theory sideshow.
Viewers won’t see a long drawn out discussion of quid pro quo or anything else that Trump wants to get the country hung up on.

It is a simple story of a president who committed impeachable offenses while trying to get a foreign country to investigate a political rival.

Democrats are doing the right thing, as Trump has no answer for the case that former prosecutor Adam Schiff is building against him.

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