Joe Biden Gives Trump A Veterans Day Smackdown By Calling Him A Failed Commander-In-Chief


Former vice president Joe Biden gave Donald Trump a Veterans Day smackdown on Monday by calling him a failed commander-in-chief who has repeatedly let down American troops and snubbed U.S. allies.

During a town hall event on CNN, Biden said Trump’s reckless decision to abandon the Kurds in Syria was just the latest example of this president hanging the military and U.S. allies out to try.

Responding to a question about the current president’s Syria move, Biden said it was clear that not even the troops on the ground wanted to leave the Kurds behind.


“You could see in their faces how they felt so, so badly that they were leaving,” the former VP said. “And look what’s happened. Who’s going to trust us?”

Biden’s full comments:

The other thing we should be doing is strengthening our alliances instead of embracing autocrats and dictators like this president does and poking our finger in the eye of our folks in NATO. … We only had several hundred troops taking care of all those Kurds, and 11,000 of them died fighting ISIS and winning and we abandoned them,” Biden said. “Did you see the looks on those soldiers when they were coming out in those tanks and those up-armored humvees? … You could see in their faces how they felt so, so badly that they were leaving. And look what’s happened. Who’s going to trust us? 

America is seen as weak by both allies and foes

Trump’s reckless decision-making in Syria is just one way that this president has demonstrated that he simply isn’t up to the task of being commander-in-chief.

Time and again, he has stood with and praised brutal dictators – strongmen that he wishes to emulate, like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un – all while bashing American allies, and even his own intelligence community.

The end result is an America that is seen as weak by everyone across the board, from allies to foes to members of the U.S. military who recognize that this president only sees them as political props.

The next commander-in-chief will have a lot of messes to clean up on the world stage, and Joe Biden on Monday tried to position himself as the leader most capable of doing that.

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