Nicolle Wallace Lays Out The Crushing Impeachment Evidence Against Trump

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace summarized the overwhelming impeachment evidence against Donald Trump for his Ukraine shakedown.

Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House:

With the timeline coming into focus, especially with testimony from Kent, from one of the day one witnesses, reveals a far more daunting span of presidential conduct actually under scrutiny and a far more vast number of actions for Republicans to defend. Here are the witnesses who have testified so far. Career diplomats, current trump administration officials and a few of Donald Trump’s own political appointees.

Together these witnesses have corroborated multiple times over every significant allegation in the original whistle-blower complaint and have described the following. A quid pro quo conditioning military aid on investigations. Another quid pro quo on the Trump/Zelinsky meeting. Donald Trump’s involvement in withholding aid. A shadow foreign policy run by Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani. A smear campaign against the former Ukraine ambassador. And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s inaction in the face of that smear campaign.


The evidence is devastating against Trump. It hasn’t been one witness that corroborated the whistleblower. It’s been a dozen. There has not been a single witness to Trump’s Ukraine call/plot that has defended the president. Trump is trying to discredit the investigation and the investigators because the pile of evidence against him is enormous. The impeachment investigation isn’t like Mueller’s probe. The investigation doesn’t have a cast of hundreds spread all over the globe. The cast is small, the story is simple, and at the heart of it all is Donald J. Trump.

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