Democrats Promise A First Hour Blockbuster Trump Impeachment Hearing

House Democrats are saying that the first hour of the Trump impeachment hearings will be a blockbuster led by Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

NBC’s Geoff Bennett reported, “This hearing tomorrow will look a lot unlike any other congressional hearing that we’ve seen for the last, what, 10 to 15 years. After the opening statements, House Democrats and Republicans will get to split 90 minutes between the two of them. It will allow Adam Schiff, the top Democrat, and Devin Nunez, the top Republicans to question the witnesses at greater length to pursue lines of inquiry. House Democrats control the committee, which means they go first that also means that the first hour it will be entirely Adam Schiff or a staff lawyer if he so delegates the lawyer to ask questions, pursuing the line of inquiry in building the case. I’m told by a Democratic source that if Americans only tune in to the first hour, that they will hear an earful the first hour I’m told is designed to be a blockbuster.”


House Democrats have learned from the Russia hearings. Rep. Schiff is going to treat the opening of the impeachment hearings like an opening statement in court. Rep. Schiff is going to lay out the case in an easy for the American people to understand. Democrats understand that most people aren’t going to watch every hour of the impeachment hearings, but interest will be highest early, so they are going to make their case right away.

Democrats have a clear strategy in their approach, while Republicans have no strategy and will be out to please Trump by using his impeachment talking points.

Adam Schiff and the Democrats are ready to drop a blockbuster of presidential misconduct on the American people.

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