Trump Tries To Con Voters With Fake 2020 Middle Class Tax Cut

Trump is asking his White House to come up with a proposal to cut “middle class” taxes before the 2020 election in an obvious con of voters.

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The Washington Post reported:

President Trump’s economic advisers are exploring whether the president should campaign for reelection proposing a 15 percent tax rate for the American middle class, with some seeing the idea as a simple way of selling Republicans’ economic agenda as not merely beneficial to the rich, according to multiple people involved in the White House’s internal deliberations over “tax cut 2.0.”


“Depending on where it starts, a 15 percent rate would be a relatively small tax cut for middle-income people,” said Michael Linden, a tax expert at the Roosevelt Institute, a left-leaning think-tank. “This is an acknowledgement that Republicans’ original tax plan was heavily skewed to the wealthy, the middle got almost nothing, and people at the bottom got literally nothing. I’m not sure having a second go at it is going to solve anything.”

Trump’s first round of tax cuts for the rich was a fraud. The tax cuts gave most of the taxpayers nothing while benefitting the wealthy and corporations. The Trump tax cuts also had zero impact on jobs and wages.
The odds of Trump getting a fake tax cut through Congress before the 2020 election are zero. House Democrats will counter any bogus Trump proposal with a real tax cut for the middle class, which Republicans will lose their minds over because it won’t benefit the wealthy and corporations.

Trump tried to pull this exact same con on voters before the 2018 election and it didn’t work. Trump will promise that if the American people reelect him they will get a big tax cut. He made the same promise in 2016, and voters should expect a different result in 2020.

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