On Impeachment Eve, Trump Busted For Mueller Perjury

During Roger Stone’s trial, it was revealed that Trump committed perjury when he lied to Mueller about Wikileaks.

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Trump testified in writing that he had no knowledge of the Wikileaks dump, but Rick Gates testified at Roger Stone’s trial that he heard Trump talking to Stone about Wikileaks.

Bradley P. Moss tweeted:

It was revealed by Rick Gates that Trump committed perjury in his written answers to questions posed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The difference between Mueller and the impeachment investigation is giving Trump fits. The president is trying to use the same strategy that he used during the Mueller investigation, but he doesn’t control the impeachment process and has no influence over the flow of information.

Remember when Republicans tried to remove Bill Clinton from office for committing perjury?

Donald Trump has committed perjury in writing, and Republicans have not uttered a single word.

House Democrats need to mention Trump’s perjury during the impeachment hearings. It goes to the very heart of Trump’s credibility. The Republicans are standing behind a phone call that a perjurer has called perfect.

On the eve of public impeachment hearings, Donald Trump has been busted for perjury.

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