Even Trump’s Own Aides Are Tuning Him Out And Ignoring His Rants

The people who work for Trump in the White House have learned to tune him out and ignore his daily rants about firing people.

The New York Times reported on Trump threatening to fire the Intelligence Community Inspector General, “But the mixture of public attacks and private discussions about a possible dismissal is a familiar way Mr. Trump has undermined investigators who have examined his conduct or that of people close to him. The president publicly criticized James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, and Jeff Sessions, the former attorney general, before he dismissed them for perceived disloyalty. Mr. Trump believes he has the power to fire anyone in the executive branch, though aides say they have learned to ignore many of his private rants, unless the president brings up the subject repeatedly and appears on the precipice of making a move they feel could be damaging.”

It is not just the American people who are exhausted by Trump’s daily ranting and raving. His own staff has started to tune out and ignore his outbursts.

The executive branch of the federal government has ceased to function because the President Of The United States has no interest in or clue about how to govern the country. It has often felt like America tuned Trump out shortly after he took office, and many people are passing the time as they wait until the day that they can go into the voting booth and get Trump out of their lives once and for all.

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