Devin Nunes Can’t Defend Trump, So He’s Ranting About Hillary Clinton

Devin Nunes couldn’t effectively question Bill Taylor, so he ranted about Hillary Clinton during the impeachment hearing.

The Nunes questioning of Taylor:

Nunes: What’s strange is that some of the witnesses at these hearings and previous depositions who express alarm about these inquiries were remarkably uninformed about these indications of Ukrainian election meddling and why the president may have been concerned by them. For example, I noted previously Alexandra Chalupa admitted to officials that she worked to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign which she passed on to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Chalupa revealed that Ukrainian officials themselves were also working directly with reporters to trade information and leads about the Trump campaign. Ambassador Kent, you didn’t seem to be too concerned about it in the last round of questioning, so I’ll just skip you, because we know that wasn’t a concern. But ambassador Taylor, you testified to this committee that you only recently became aware of reports of this cooperation between Ukrainian embassy officials and Chalupa to undermine the Trump campaign at your last deposition; is that correct?

Taylor: Mr. Nunes, it is correct that I had not known about this before.

Nunes: Just going over your last deposition, ambassador.

Taylor: That’s exactly right.

Nunes: It cites evidence asserting the Hillary Clinton campaign, it quotes, Ukrainian parliamentarian saying, quote, it was clear they were supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. They did everything from organizing meetings with the Clinton team to publicly supporting her to criticizing Trump. I think that they simply didn’t meet with the Trump campaign because they thought Hillary would win, unquote. Ambassador Taylor, you testified you were unfamiliar with that statement; is that correct?

Taylor: That is correct.


Besides claiming that Democrats want nude pictures of Trump, Nunes has nothing but a bunch of White House/Fox News conspiracy theories. Republicans are trying to defend Trump with distractions. It isn’t 2016 anymore. Hillary Clinton isn’t running for president, and conspiracy theories about Ukraine can’t justify Trump’s impeachable conduct.

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