Fox News Russia poses no threat to US

Fox News Claims Russia Poses No Threat To The US As Trump Is Being Impeached

Tucker Carlson used his Fox News show to argue that impeachment is a “deep state” conspiracy because Russia poses no threat to the US.

Carlson said, “Our real fear is that at some point, the rest of America will discover that the Soviet Union no longer exists. We’re afraid they’ll learn that Russia’s economy is the size of Italy, that their military budget is one-tenth of ours, that their only aircraft carrier needs to be towed around it’s broken, that their best scientists and engineers have moved to New Jersey leaving them unable to build a working escalator, that if we’re really being honest here, Russia poses no threat to the United States at all. Washington doesn’t want you to know that, which is why William Taylor and George Kent and many of their friends spent all day insisting that Russia is a mortal threat to our country.”


Fox News is telling their viewers to embrace their Putin overlord because Russia poses no threat to them, except for Putin’s interference in the 2016 election, his desire to destroy the West, and his dream of rebuilding the Soviet Union.

Fox viewers have to be told this dangerous propaganda because if they are ever told otherwise, their heads explode.

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