Jim Jordan Crashes And Burns At Trump Impeachment Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was supposed to be Trump’s ringer at the impeachment hearing. Instead, he fell flat on his face.

Rep. Jordan hung his hat on the claim that there was no direct linkage between the people involved, Trump, and the withholding of Ukraine military aid.

Jordan tried to use a clarification from Gordon Sondland to discredit Bill Taylor, but what happened was that Taylor read the clarification and said, “And I think this clarification from ambassador Sondland was because he said he didn’t remember this in his first deposition. He wanted to clarify. Mr. Jordan, the way I read this, he remembers it the same way I do.”

Jordan could only sarcastically reply real clear, as his time expired.


Jordan is the person who was added to the committee because Republicans thought that Devin Nunes couldn’t cut it. They were correct about Nunes. He has been terrible, but Jordan has been even worse, Jordan sounds hysterical with his yelling of facts and attempts to badger witnesses.

Rep. Jordan is obviously at these hearings to get clips on Fox News that will make Trump feel good. Jordan is in over his head, and when he was promoted to the big stage, the Republican from Ohio crashed and burned.

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