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Rachel Maddow Republicans flopped at impeachment hearing

Rachel Maddow Shows How Republicans Bombed At The Impeachment Hearing

Rachel Maddow highlighted how Republicans bombed during the first day of impeachment hearings as their conspiracy theories flopped.

Maddow said:

The questioning from the Republican side of the aisle did not elicit a lot of substance today. Maybe it will get better over time. This is an interesting and important story, and hopefully two sides that are sort of equally equipped to try and get at the facts gives you a better shot of getting the full story than just one side pursuing that and the other like being it’s all normal, right, it’s not normal, okay, I’ll move on. It doesn’t help.

But what happened today is that kind of questioning from the Republican committee counsel. And then when the Republicans otherwise tried to continue promoting the theories that underlay these investigations that trump wanted from Ukraine, I mean, they were trying to promote those theories, which I think works when they’re in their own bubble and only talking to themselves. That argument from the Republicans today, I’m trying to be nice about it, it was hard for them to sustain that in front of these two witnesses who aren’t part of their bubble, who are two long-standing professionals who have lived this work and who actually know of what they speak.


Republicans couldn’t communicate with witnesses who were outside of the Trump/right-wing bubble. Both the counsel and members of the committee tried to get the witnesses to substantiate the Trump conspiracy theories, but the witnesses either looked puzzled at the nonsense they were hearing, or they shut them down.

Republicans were out of their element, and they couldn’t function. It will be impossible for them to mount a legitimate defense of Trump since all of the facts are against them, but the inept House GOP wasn’t able to offer a convincing theory of Trump’s actions.

House Republicans stepped up to the plate and made Trump look even more guilty.

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