White House Claims Trump Is Working, But He Is Tweeting About Impeachment Hearing

The White House claimed that Trump is working and not watching the impeachment hearings, but the president is on his Twitter account tweeting about the hearing.

Jim Acosta of CNN reported:

Trump has retweeted 11 tweets about impeachment in the last two hours. Trump is clearly not working. The president is attempting to manage his own PR impeachment response through Twitter. Trump thinks that he is counterprogramming impeachment by retweeting videos of Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and Kevin McCarthy.

Trump has been described as obsessed with impeachment to the point of being unable to work, and Trump’s tweets are proving that statement to be true.

Donald Trump is obsessed with his impeachment, and instead of showing the country that he is a president who can still work the country and ignore the hearings, Trump is melted down, sitting in the private residence, and tweet storming about impeachment.

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